Track It (Calendar Builder) :: 4x6 Clear Stamp Set

Track It (Calendar Builder) is a 4" x 6" stamp set that includes 36 individual stamps.

For size reference, the round trackers are approximately 2 3/8" x 2 3/8".

Track It (Calendar Builder) is great for use in planners and bullet journaling. Use it to help track habits, moods, health, and more. The number strips and number wheels can also be used as calendars. This stamp set includes the following words, icons, and trackers: two number wheels (round trackers), vertical number strips (1-15 and 16-31), horizontal number strips (1-15 and 16-31), read, study, create, journal, habit, pray, sleep, key:, mood, pain, diet, fitness, hygiene, exercise, vitamins, water, clean, period, am, pm, arrow, triangles, pencils, papers, stars, circles, apples, light bulbs, mason jars, and water drops.

Price: $14.50